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Garden Furniture
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General features of Iroko

Iroko is a West African hardwood with characteristics which make it ideal for use humid climate. It is sometimes called African, or Nigerian, teak. Other name of the Iroko is “kambala”.Teak is a kind of crop of Asian rain forests.Ireko has not another plantation.It is completely naturel and cutting size is min.150 cms ,max.400 cms.Approximate height of the Iroko is 130 metres.It is naturally resistant to decay and attack by insects which means that it should last for many years with very little maintenance. Golden orange to dark nut brown. Variations in colour equalise after short exposure to sunlight. Weathers to silver grey in approximately 12 months if left untreated. Traditionally used for ship and boat building it is a popular alternative to Teak,garden furnite etc.

Care of garden furniture

Leave natural for minimal maintenance - weathers to silver grey in approx 1 year. Oil - Can be treated from new with Teak Oil, Danish Oil or proprietary garden furniture oil to preserve timber colour. Oiled furniture requires annual reapplication to maintain finish

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